Frankie Serrano Designs is an exhaust shop specializing in the fabrication of custom made exhaust systems for both American and Metric motorcycles. All our exhausts are handmade 100% in the USA.

We service both the general public as well as bike builders around the world with a choice of our production pipes models or One of a Kind (One-Offs) pipes for both American and Metric.

Everything we make is done by hand; we don't subcontract oversees (or anywhere else) to some factory that will crack the whip on its employees to process your order in 48 hours. At Frankie Serrano Designs each order is handled with the proper care and attention that larger companies can't afford to give you. Every single order will be fabricated or overseen by Frankie Serrano himself. So when we say "production pipe" we don't mean "off the shelf", we mean "handmade from one of Frankie's designs".

Our One of a Kind (One-Offs) exhausts are the reflection of our clients' state of mind and lifestyles. Those pipes are designed to mimic your personality and give you that show bike look, all without burning a hole in your wallet.

Frankie Serrano is a true master at his craft with a unique approach to his designs and creations. Part cool, part turbulent, his unconventional ways will insure that you are getting a product you would have never been able to get anywhere else: an original Frankie Serrano designed and fabricated exhaust.

Frankie's exhausts have won numerous awards from various bike shows and have been featured in articles and on the cover of magazines around the world.

As everthing in Frankie's life is a contradiction, Frankie started his education as a computer animator with a Bachelor's degree and continued on to a Master in computer special effects. After finishing his education he became a teacher at the Master's level (how many of you expected to read that?). After throwing his last computer out the window, he decided he was not a computer minded guy and that fabricating exhausts was where his true passion and talent lied. He went on to AMI (American Motor Institution) and then on to welding school where he excelled and achieved various certifications.

Frankie then started working in the motorcycle industry, first with Eddie Trotta (much love to Eddie) where he was quickly promoted to the position of head fabricator. Enriched by his experience working for Eddie Trotta, Frankie went on to working on his own and came out with the original Hotrods and Infernos designs; all leading to the creation of FSD Exhausts.

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